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Make new achievements! Sunway "cable" escort Baihetan hydropower station into full operation
The number of browse:162The Publishing time:2023-02-20

A few days ago, Sunway Co., Ltd. once again received a letter of thanks from the "China Three Gorges Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. Baihetan Project Construction Department". In the letter, the Baihetan Project Construction Department fully affirmed the supply ability and service efficiency of Sunway and praised the company for its dedication to ensuring the priority supply of cables for power station construction, such as striving for perfection, climbing peaks, unity and cooperation, overcoming difficulties, etc., and its contribution to the full operation of the unit. In the letter, they hope that in the new year, they will continue to work with Sunway to make progress together, to help Baihetan Hydropower Station quality project to a perfect conclusion.


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